Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Listen Phenomenon 2


Listen! Listen! Listen

I do believe that all readers have watched the video about Listen issue.

Actually, I ever face this situation. But the difference is my situation not involved the crowds. It involved me and my bff. 

One upon the time, I have done the manner what my bff was not allowing me to do so. But, I do so by one reason.  Later then, my bff scolded to me.. huhuhu.. When I was trying to explain, my bff said to me, "Let's me speak.. Let's me speak... Let's me speak." Listen! Listen! Listen! Listen! Listen! 
So that, I kept silence. Did Listen to my bff's words.

After that, I had no idea to explain. And start from that, I do keep quiet whatever feelings, problems and any expression.

Thus, by doing this action, is showing to us the rude and cruel manner of human.

MoS: Please do respect the others and give the chance to speak out. 

Give The chances

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