Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Solution: It's not right and wrong


We were going to discuss on topic:
"It Never Rains- It Pours"
For subject: Integrated Case Study [ICS]

For the first time read,
I have got points of this case,
After read and read...
I had noticed several points...

Actually, we had a special speaker
That lead and handle the discussion
It was Mr Ali Shah Hashim CA(M)
We feel very grateful and lucky,
Because he shared something beautiful with us..

It very nice word, is:
"In real life, there are no solutions,
But there are options".
Which mean..
We do not know whether;
The options that we have been preferred are right or wrong...
We only can know, when we are in the grave..

Hope We will gain something
To be usefulness to our life and career.


  1. so...what are the best solution that we need to choose

  2. In my opinion, the best solution can be chosen when we are getting pray and have accurate confidence level...

    Bittaufiq wannajah...
    Man jadda wajada...


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